About SOX

Singapore Open eXchange (SOX) is a public/neutral Internet eXchange Point (IXP) operated by National University of Singapore (NUS). SOX differs from other IXPs in Singapore as it operates at OSI layer 2 and does not provide any transit traffic.

Motivations behind SOX

Improve Routing Efficiency

Efficient routing will minimize network hops hence enhancing usage and encourage the growth of IP networks in Singapore.

Localize Local Traffic

Singapore traffic has been known to be routed overseas and back before reaching its destination. Peering locally over an IXP helps to ensure that local traffic stays local.

Collective Effort

The exchange efficiently make use of local traffic hence benefitting industries and its users as a whole.

Lower Costs

IXPs allows network providers to establish bi-lateral or multi-lateral peering agreements to facilitate free-flow of traffic between peers at IXPs. This translates to cost saving for network providers as international and local traffic can now be separated.

Landing Point for Foreign IP Networks

The lack of a Layer 2 exchange point is seen as a negative factor for foreign IP networks considering operating in Singapore. This exchange encourages foreign network participations.

Be Neutral

To attract good networks to an exchange point depends much on the neutrality of the exchange. SOX will be a neutral exchange, not owned or affiliated with any commercial service providers.