Membership and Policies

SOX Membership

Criteria for membership

  • Members need to connect to SOX.
  • Members need to provide a 24x7 contact point to act upon urgent incidents/outages.
  • Members should be aware that the exchange do not provide transit services.
  • Members should have full Internet connectivity independent of SOX facilities.

Cost of membership

SOX functions on a not-for-profit basis, and does not currently impose any charges for membership. However, SOX reserves the right to do so when it becomes necessary.

Revoking membership

SOX reserves the right to revoke SOX Membership if members are found to act irresponsibly and/or breach exchange rules and regulations after repeated warnings.

Applying for membership

Please email with application details. Required details are:

  • Organization Name:
  • Organization URL:
  • ASN:
  • NOC Email:
  • NOC Phone:
  • Peering Contact Name:
  • Peering Contact Email:
  • Billing Email (if connecting at Global Switch):
  • Billing Address (if connecting at Global Switch):

Organization Name, URL, ASN, NOC email and Peering Email will be listed in the SOX Member Directory.

Members will be provided with an SOX IP address to be used for peering, which will be mapped to a reverse DNS of [organization-name] For example, NUS' assigned SOX peering IP will correspond to

Members are also advised to update their peering information on

Connecting to SOX

Members can connect to SOX at any SOX Node. Unless there are very specific circumstances (such as extremely high peering traffic expected at a particular extension node), participants are encouraged to connect directly to the SOX Extension Node: Global Switch Singapore.

  • Members shall provide their own backhaul (routers and cabling) to their home networks.
  • Members must connect with a layer-3 configured device, unless special approval is obtained.
  • Members may only utilize a single layer-2 MAC address per port, unless special approval is obtained.
  • Members must either co-locate their routers within the appropriate SOX Node (preferred), or connect via direct, un-switched, Ethernet circuit from participant's router to the SOX Node.
  • SOX reserves the right to temporarily disconnect any member for security reasons or preserving the stability of SOX infrastructure.

Supported connection types

SOX provides the following Ethernet options at both nodes, subject to cabling distance and port availability.

  • GE (1G)
  • 10GE (10G)

Connection Lead-time

SOX is typically able to complete the provisioning of new connections within 3 weeks, from the time all available information is received, subject to availability of interfaces/ GBICs/ SFPs.

Cost of connection

  • Currently there is no port or connection charges from SOX for joining as a member.
  • Members need to bear the initial and recurring monthly charges of the backhaul connection (either physical link or telco link including in-housing wiring) to SOX exchange point.
  • For SOX core node in NUS, the exchange point is in 27 Prince George's Park, Block 8 Basement Main Wire Centre. For Global Switch node, SOX equipment rack is located at level 6, rack number 60105.21.
  • Members who will be connecting to Global Switch exchange point shall refer to Facilities section for more details.

Peering at SOX

SOX is a community based, co-operative effort, therefore there is no multi-party or compulsory peering agreement.

  • BGP should be used for peering within SOX.
  • Members may control which routes to advertise to each Peer.
  • Members must not advertise default route, or point default route to another SOX Peer.
  • Members must not use another participant's resources without permission.
  • Members must not provide commercial transit services through SOX.
  • Members with more than one connection to SOX, must not carry traffic between their own networks through SOX.

SOX Members' Liability

  • Members should take all necessary precautions to ensure that abuse of network resources, both that of the member and its peers does not occur.
  • Members should not hold NUS or SOX responsible for any loss and damages as a result of connecting to SOX.

SOX Policies

SOX reserves the right to amend any guidelines stated in the website, but SOX will make every effort to inform members of policy changes as and when they occur.