Singapore Open eXchange (SOX) is housed in secure, environmentally-controlled facilities with HVAC, fire suppression systems, access-control, and battery power backups.

SOX currently operates out of the following two nodes with plans for further expansion to other strategic physical locations:

If you are already co-located at Global Switch, it is recommended that you connect directly to the SOX Extension Node. For further discussions on the where to connect to SOX, please contact us.

Core Node
(NUS' Prince George’s Park)

Extension Node
(Global Switch Singapore)


27 Prince George's Park,
Block 8 Basement Main Wire Centre
Singapore 118425
2 Tai Seng Ave
Singapore 534408

Node Facilities

  • 24x7 operations.
  • 8x5 facilities access and basic remote hands support on workdays.
    • 2 working days advance notice.
    • detailed instructions for remote hands support (emergency cases please contact SOX directly).
  • Dual power rails with backed-up by independent UPS.
  • Temperature control system.

Global Switch is a leading owner, operator and developer of large-scale, multi-customer, carrier neutral data centres across Europe and Asia–Pacific. The data centres provide a rich carrier and cloud-neutral ecosystem and offer the reliability, security and flexibility that our customers require to house their IT infrastructure.

For details, please refer to their website.


  • SOX will provide without cost initial router co-location of up to 6U.
  • SOX will provide without cost initial single UTP/multi-mode/single-mode cabling to SOX switch.
  • Additional requirements and cost will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • To connect to SOX node in Global Switch Singapore, members need to bear the initial cabling charges and the monthly recurring charges of the in-house cross-connection to SOX equipment rack at level 6, rack number 60105.21.
  • NUS procured the co-location rack for SOX exchange point in Global Switch from Telstra. Depending on that if the member is a co-location customer of Telstra, Telstra may charge the in-house wiring differently.
  • Members are advised to contact both Telstra (link) and Singapore Global Switch (link) for the costs involved.