SOX is a distributed Internet Exchange Point (IXP) spread over two different physical locations in Singapore.

Further expansion to a 3rd facility is in an advanced-stage, and should be announced on due date.

SOX Nodes

The SOX peering fabric in currently available in two locations in Singapore.

  • The Core Node is in National University of Singapore's (NUS) campus.
  • The Extension Node is co-located in Global Switch Singapore.

Inter-node Capacity

NUS and Global Switch are interconnected through a Ten Gigabit Ethernet connection provisioned by NUS. Currently, both intra-site and inter-site peering is available.


SOX uses Alcatel 6900 and Cisco 6509 switches to interconnect peers.

Supported Connection Types

SOX provides the following Ethernet options at both nodes, subject to bandwidth requirement and port availability:

  • GE (1G)
  • 10 GE (10G)
  • Port Connector Type Cable Type
    1G LR Transceiver, LC Connector Single Mode Fiber
    10G LR Transceiver, LC Connector Single Mode Fiber